4 Different Types Kitchen Paint Ideas (Homeowner Needs to Know)

There are a lot of kitchen paint ideas that you can bring to your kitchen. How to choose one? Well, you must rely on the theme or the condition of your kitchen. Read the explanation down below.

Best Paint Color For Small Kitchen

Best Paint Color For Small Kitchen
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One of the best small kitchen ideas to make it look bigger is by giving the right color scheme. The best color for small kitchen is white. White is the most neutral color that can expand a space, making it looks bigger effortlessly.

White color is also great to be combined with many other colors, such as grey, brown, or even bolder colors like red. You can make your kitchen looks unique by painting most of the walls with white but leave one side to be painted with another color.

  • Besides using white, if you really want to make your small kitchen looks big, do as follows:
  • Removing unnecessary kitchen furniture and appliances
  • Hanging mirror on one side of the walls

Best Paint Color for Rustic-Themed Kitchen

If you have the rustic themed kitchen at home, the kitchen paint ideas that will suit the theme is earthly color. You can paint your kitchen with brown, brick red, or gray.

Rustic kitchen should look a bit rugged; this is why darker colors like them are used. They will make the kitchen looks a country side kitchen. If you complete the kitchen with rustic furniture as well, surely you will manage to complete the rustic look.

Best Paint Color for Shabby-Chic Kitchen

Shabby-chic is often chosen as a theme for kitchen. The theme is very pretty and delicate-looking. The color schemes related to the theme are including pale blue and pale pink.

Basically, if you have kitchen with this theme, you want to choose pastel colors and paler tone. The best kind of paint to color the walls and furniture is the chalk paint. By using that, your kitchen will have unique texture on the wall and furniture.

  • Besides the color, make sure that your kitchen has this following stuff inside it to complete the look:
  • Smaller sized furniture
  • Vintage accessories for the wall or shelves

Best Paint Color For Contemporary Kitchen

Best Paint Color For Contemporary Kitchen
Image Source: thespruce.com

The contemporary kitchen always looks sophisticated. This is why the selection of color for the walls and other stuff is also non-traditional. In this kind of kitchen, the paint colors usually chosen are neon and metal colors, including silver.

Since contemporary kitchen’s goal is looking as unique as possible, the effort does not stop at the color selection. Unusual kitchen furniture and odd-looking appliances are often used to pull out the contemporary look of the kitchen.

The combination between neon colors or metal colors with those unique furniture and appliances are surely making the kitchen looks sophisticated, as if it comes from the future.

Those are some popular kitchen themes along with kitchen paint ideas that will suit them the most. Think about the color scheme of your kitchen way before you start painting it and you’ll end up having great looking kitchen.

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