Marketing Strategies To Increase Sales Quantity

When a company makes a product, it is certainly the main objective is to market it as much as possible to gain profit. However, in practice companies can not arbitrarily market their products.

Therefore, concepts and strategies that are mature are key so that marketing can be done efficiently. If these two things are executed properly, then the results will be more optimal than doing marketing without good planning.

There are a wide range of marketing strategies that can be applied by a company. However, understanding a product’s marketing strategy is an ability that a salesperson or marketing manager should have. Because the gains gained are heavily influenced by the sales strategy applied.

Marketing strategies

Understanding Marketing Strategy

If you’re deeper, a marketing strategy is a decision-making action about everything related to the marketing and sales of the product. Marketing related things include marketing costs, marketing mix, competition conditions, and reciprocity you want to expect.

Marketing strategy can also be interpreted as a way for companies to increase the number of buyers and provide awareness or product knowledge to prospective buyers. The chosen way can be a price promotion or give a bonus to keep the buyer interested.

According to Stanton, marketing strategy is something that covers all the systems that have a connection to the purpose of planning and determining the price to advertise and distribute goods or services that can satisfy the needs of and potential buyers.

Types of marketing strategies

There are several ways you can choose to increase your product sales quantity. Some examples of such marketing strategies are as follows:

Create brand Logos

The first step you can do before doing marketing is to create a logo as the company branding. Logo is a very crucial thing to market the trademark, both by business actors big and small.

Because the logo is the first look that people can know about the product. You don’t have to be a professional designer or spend a lot of money to create a logo design. Nowadays there are many blog or design sites on the Internet that you can learn easily.

A unique Logo will make the product exist in mind by the community, so your company or product will be widely known.

Earned Media

This marketing method is a way to build relationships and trust among the community broadly. This marketing way can also be called by indirect marketing gained from the hard work of establishing relationships.

The easy way that can be done with this strategy is to build a good image in the public eye. You can utilize social media, websites, or other online accounts by requesting various satisfaction testimonials from customers who have already transacted with you.

Marketing strategies

Direct Selling

These two words are probably quite familiar among the community. Direct selling or selling directly is a way used to offer products directly to buyers.

Marketers will offer the product by relying on the persuasive ability and knowledge of the product it possesses. Such a strategy is usually not done in retail outlets. In addition, this strategy is also suitable for those who do not have a lot of capital to do promotion.

The drawback of this method is that marketers must exert extra power to meet prospective buyers one by one. And again, not everyone likes this method because it feels compelled to buy a product that they don’t really want.

Establish good relationships with customers

You need to know, loyal customers are important assets for the company. Because they have purchased your product repeatedly and become your company’s income contributor. When a customer feels satisfied with the company’s products and services, it does not close the possibility he will give this information to others. It is certainly a distinct advantage for the company.

Therefore, it does not hurt to reward customers who are loyal to the company. You can give gifts to purchases they make, or make them a priority buyer.

Internet Marketing

Nowadays, technology has grown rapidly. Utilizing technological developments is one of the ways you can choose to market your products. Because, using technology optimally can suppress the company’s expenditure.

One of the Internet marketing methods that you can do is to implement SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or SMO (Social Media Optimization). However, in doing both methods you have to prepare quality content and not be random.

Because the content you show is enough to give an overview of your creativity as a seller in the eyes of potential buyers. Therefore, quality content is a must for you users of SEO and SMO methods.

Provide discounts or promotional products

Most of the women like things smelling discounts. They prefer to spend money on discounted items rather than items that are not cut in price, even with the same nominal.

For example, Dina sees the bag for 750 thousand rupiah and next to it there is a bag with a different model with the initial price of one million rupiah then discounted to 750 thousand rupiah. So, he chose to buy a bag at a discounted price because he did not need to spend a million rupiah money to get the bag.

In addition to providing discounts or discounted prices, other ways that can be used are to provide promo goods. For example, buying 1 pack of detergent will get 1 piece of beautiful plates or things of that sort.

Such is the discussion of the marketing strategy you can do. In terms of marketing, you don’t necessarily have to have a big budget if you’ve mastered the most appropriate marketing techniques. Some marketing strategies you can even do with the cost of a cheap festive, but still can get optimal results.

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