Reasons Why You Should Know The Purpose Of Corporate Marketing

Today the marketing world has grown very rapidly, along with the increasingly massive technological developments used by the community. Not only that, developments also occur in the market’s critical mindset and the efficacy of a product and any marketing activities associated with it.
Although many things have developed, it does not necessarily shift the actual marketing objectives and functions. There are basically a few things that are a goal and also a function of marketing.

Marketing Objectives

Having a purpose when doing marketing will help us in determining the future step. This will make the business we run more targeted because there are objectives and targets that are clearly wanted to be achieved. There are things to implement in some functions and marketing objectives.

Marketing objectives According to experts

According to Philip Kotler, marketing objective is not only to benefit but also to know and understand the market and customers. So that the goods and services offered remain in accordance with the wishes and needs of consumers.

The orientation of the marketing objective according to Philip Kotler is not merely to benefit. But also understand the needs and desires of consumers.
While Willian J Stantin said that, the marketing objective is to make goods or services in accordance with the wishes and needs of the market.
The company is required to be able to make goods or services according to the wishes and needs of consumers. As if the goods and services were made especially for the consumers.

General Marketing Objectives

In general the purpose of marketing a product is to understand the consumer and the market. This goal must be achieved by businesses who conduct marketing.

Therefore, they must be more in the market of consumers and their potential targets. After understanding it, they can make strategic steps that can be taken to meet the needs of the market.

In addition, marketing objectives also to strive to reach the midpoint or breakeven point between the total cost of production with the total sales volume. As this can broaden the scope of promotions and also sales volumes.


Specific marketing Objectives

Understand the markets and consumers

This is the first goal that marketers need to achieve. A marketer should be able to know and understand correctly about the market and the consumer being a potential target.

As for the things that need to be understood among them are competition maps with competitors, the level of needs, tastes and desires of the market, emerging trends, and also understand market conditions. In this case market conditions include purchasing power, limitations and interests that can influence consumer decisions in buying.

Forming products that fit the market

When a company is able to understand consumers and markets, the next step is being able to deliver the product accordingly. In this case, according to the meaning of course that is able to meet the needs and desires of the market.

This goal is very sustainable with the first goal above. In the implementation, the marketing team needs to cooperate with the product designer team and the production section to produce products that match the research results.

Getting the company’s self image

One of the important things in marketing is shaping the self-image. Because of imaging, consumers can be more familiar and interested in the products offered. There are various ways that can be used to achieve this goal, among them by creating ad content, events, or using influential figures as a brand ambassador.

Achieving sales targets

Certainly it is undeniable that the main target of the optimal sales marketing objective. Each marketing section conducts its hard efforts to support the sales level of the company’s products. Usually, a company will determine the sales target for the year, the cash income target of the sales and the total demand that is struck from the total existing market or also called the market share. It is this Target that later became a reference to the marketing outreach year round.

Customer Satisfaction

It can be said that consumer satisfaction is a goal or target with long-term results that the company can obtain. Sales that happen will only be a instantaneous profit when not accompanied by customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction can be seen from the feedback given after trading transactions, for example is to provide good testimonials from consumers.
The highest achievement that the marketing team can achieve is when a customer is satisfied with the product and service provided then becomes a regular customer.

objective marketing

Time-based marketing objectives

Based on the time there are three categories of marketing objectives, namely short-term, not medium, and long-term. All three will be discussed further below:


The company’s goal of marketing in the short term is to get profit as quickly as possible. Various ways to bring buyers, so that the company can cover the operational costs of the company that has been issued.

The results obtained after the operational costs have been covered that is called profit. From here the company can play it partly to be a capital to continue production and operations.

Medium term

The medium term marketing goal is to try to break even the total volume of sales and the total cost of production they spend. That is, with broad marketing, the results are certainly also more so that the sales volume will increase.


The long-term goal of marketing is to be able to survive in the business industry. One of them is to keep loyal customers with the products or services they sell. Therefore, the company is required to always innovate in terms of marketing and production. So it is not left behind with the dynamics of changing tastes of consumers and markets.

Such is the explanation of marketing objectives. To conclude, the focus of marketing objectives is to increase sales as much as possible by achieving consumer satisfaction. A loyal consumer purchasing a company’s products or services will create a voluntary automated marketer’s machine. From here it will appear new consumers.

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