The History of Running Sports and Their Benefits to the Body

The history of running sports is well known, especially nowadays running sports are increasingly popular with the public.

Especially with the application that can calculate the distance and speed of the runner, making runners increasingly active to break the latest record.

With the fun run that is held almost every week in big cities, running sports is one of the more popular sports to do.

In Indonesia, there are already many running clubs that have been formed, even there are running clubs whose activities are running together to the office.

This proves that running is a fun sport.

Even people who are too busy because of their work can still take the time to run on weekends or just jogging in their own yard.

Running Sports History



Many say that running is the cheapest sport, but actually the degree of generosity that runs depends on where and what shoes to use when running.

If it is only done around the house, of course there are not many costs, different if you run on a treadmill using the latest running shoes. But it is true that running can be done by anyone.

This fun and easy to do sport turns out to be one of the oldest sports in the world.

The following is an explanation of the history of running.

Understanding Running Sports


Humans have become accustomed to running since time immemorial, even long before running was designated as a sport.

Humans in ancient times hunted animals to be used as food by running.

Also running they survive from enemies or wild animals chasing them.

Try to pay attention to young children who are just learning to walk.

Just as they were able to walk, they immediately accelerated their pace.

They ran here and there with their small feet and not too strong to hold their bodies.

The shape of the human body is indeed designed to be able to run.

Just look at the small human foot, designed to be able to push the body forward.

And a bigger hip than the leg is designed so that it doesn’t fall when the body has to move in an upright position.

Running is ingrained in the human body.

Because to just run, you don’t need a special tool or place. Because of this too, running sports are loved by many people.

Benefits of Running Sports


It is undeniable that even in running, a runner can get injured.

Whether it’s a sprain, a knee that has been injured due to a fall or a scratch because of wearing inappropriate shoes.

But injury in running can actually be avoided by careful preparation.

The running area also determines what preparation should be done.

But behind all that, running brings many benefits to runners.

In addition to exercising breathing, running can also reduce the risk of cardiovascular-related diseases. Running can reduce cholesterol which can affect the heart condition.

Routine running can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

Running can also help burn fat in the body. Therefore, by routinely running the body shape will be maintained.

indeed it takes a little longer for a beginner runner to get the ideal body shape. Routinely run and increase the distance as well as the running time periodically.

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