Understanding This Marketing Concept Will Help You Run Your Business

In running an enterprise, each company has a different form of marketing management concept. This includes marketing strategies that are pursued in order to gain company profits.

Because the concept of marketing and important factors underlying it can affect the success of a company. Therefore, the concept of marketing needs to be an important consideration when it comes to selling or marketing a product or service to consumers.

This article discusses the concept of marketing that you can learn to support the company’s success. With the right marketing concept, you will get satisfaction from consumers who will certainly impact the success of your business.

Marketing Sense

Before discussing any further, we need to know what is the notion of marketing. Simply put, the definition of marketing is more identified with the process of introduction of product or services to consumers who would like to give benefit (potential).

Marketing can also be interpreted as a planned and integrated activity conducted by an institution or organization in an effort to accommodate market demand by creating product sales. Marketing can be made in the form of determining the selling price, delivering, communicating, and exchanging valuable bids for consumers, clients, partners, and the general public.

The main purpose of marketing by a company is to maximize profits by creating a sales strategy. Because marketing has an important position, then a marketing executive should be able to see many aspects of doing marketing, such as predicting the lifespan of a product.

Marketing functions

In addition to understanding the understanding of marketing, we also need to know the marketing function before actually foray doing marketing. As for some functions of marketing are as follows.

Exchange functions

When we do a marketing of a product or service that we have, then the consumer can know and buy the product or service. Consumers can buy them by exchanging using money or exchanging products with products. Later, the product can be used on its own or it sells back to find the profit of the goods it bought.

Physical distribution function

Physical distribution is one form of a marketing process that can be done to a product. This process is done by storing or transporting the product for distribution to agents or directly to consumers.

The transportation process can be done by land, water, or air. As for the storage of products can be done by maintaining product backups to be available when needed.

Intermediary functions

Intermediary function occurs when the distribution of products from producers to consumers is done by marketing intermediaries or marketing that links exchange activities with physical distribution.

Marketing Concept

In conducting marketing activities we must understand the concept of marketing. It can be said consumer satisfaction is one of the important factors of the company’s success.

The company plays an important role in conducting all marketing activities related to the needs of consumers so as to provide satisfaction and get a profit in the long term. That is, the purpose of marketing concept is to provide satisfaction to customer’s wishes and needs. There are four important factors that are used as the basis in the marketing concept, namely:

Consumer Orientation

The meaning of consumer orientation is how the company sees the needs of consumers who are targeted for marketing. Some things to be aware of are by starting determining the product or marketing program, then selecting a specific group of buyers as the sales target.

Once you’ve got a target group, you can start conducting research on consumers to measure, assess and interpret their wishes and behaviors. Then implement the best strategy so that the target can be achieved optimally.

Coordination and integration in the company

All existing marketing elements must be integrated so that consumers can be optimally satisfied. Conflicts between companies and markets will cause adverse effects. Therefore, everyone and the natural part of the company must participate in coordinated marketing efforts to avoid such conflicts and gain customer satisfaction.

Gaining profit through consumer gratiing

The main purpose of a company is to gain profit or profit. If the company is able to get satisfaction from consumers, it will affect the profit earned. With that profit the company can grow and grow bigger.
Marketing strategies

Strategy is a crucial thing in running a marketing. With a mature strategy the objectives and targets of the company can be achieved optimally.

In its implementation, there are six basic concepts of marketing implementation that a company or organization can implement. Here is the basic concept of such marketing.

Production concept

The concept of production saw that consumers would be pleased with the products available everywhere at a low price. This concept is production oriented by exerting efforts to achieve high product efficiency and distributed widely. So it is easy to reach by consumers.

Product concept

This concept suggests that consumers like products that are capable of offering the best quality, performance, and specs. Although the company presents Produke with the concept of Merakyat, but the quality produced is maintained. Plus the selling price is not too expensive.
Sales concept

In the concept of sales, organisations or companies should strive to implement aggressive sales and promotions to attract consumer interest. Because the purpose of the company in making the product is indeed for sale and profit from the proceeds of sales.

Marketing Concepts

The orientation of this concept is centered on the needs of consumers. The key to achieving the goal of the company or organization is to determine the needs and desires of the target market and provide more effective satisfaction to consumers than competitors.
Social Marketing Concepts

In this concept, the organization or company has the task of determining the needs, desires, and interests of the target market as well as providing more effective satisfaction than the competitors while still prioritizing the welfare of consumers and society.

Global marketing concept

This global marketing concept is a concept of choice, which means it can be worn or not. This concept is recommended so that companies know all about the factors that occur in the community. These factors will affect consumer desires and needs.

From the explanation of the six concepts of marketing management above, you can learn it for use in your business. Each concept certainly has its own advantages and disadvantages. You should therefore adapt it to the state of the company and the market you have to seek the optimal benefits desired.

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