Wernher von Braun, a Leading Figure as Aerospace Engineer

In Germany, Wernher von Braun was known as a leading figure in the rocket technology development. While in the United States, he was famous as a pioneer of space rocket and also the rocket technology. it was clear that he was very into the space things.

He had a long story that you may want to read. Anyone who loves space things should know him. Let’s take a look at what he had done in the past.

Early Life of an Aerospace Engineer

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First of all, let’s try to recall the past of a well-known aerospace engineer. Born on March 1912, in Wirsitz under German Empire (now is Poland), he was second son of his family. He had two other brothers. His family is a noble Lutheran, so he had a title as Freiherr.

Von braun was known to develop his interest in astronomy after his mother, Emmy von Quistorp, gave him a telescope. He was a good player of piano and cello. He even had some pieces of compositions. Additionally, he can play piano pieces of Bach and Beethoven very well. What a smart boy he was.

Educational Background

Wernher von Braun went into a boarding school in 1925. It was located at Ettersbug Castle, specifically near Weimar. In this school, he got a copy of a book entitled By Rocket into Planetary Space which was written by Hermann Orbeth.

Later in 1928, he attended another residential school namely Hermann-Lietz-Internat. This young boy was always pleased by space travel. That was why he started to study maths and physics better to get into rocket engineering.

Two years later from that or in 1930, he successfully joined the Technische Honchschule Berlin and he got himself into the Spaceflight Society. Here he started to develop his passion.

How He Started the Career

He had a long journey during his career. Wernher von Braun was known to join Nazi regime. His involvement was quite long. He was also a member of SS horseback riding school even though he left only one year after he joined.

He was a rocket engineer in the Nazi Regime. Missile is one of his creations together with his partners. In 1945, he surrendered to Americans along with his staff. There, he faced another journey.

Von Braun’s published Works

There have been many published works related to von Braun. The very first one was published on July 1939. It was a proposal that was related to rocket drive and workable fighter.

The latest one was a collection of his speeches which was published in 2007. The speeches were about the course of von Braun’s career.

Recognition and Honors

He gained some honors obtained from various sources. Since he finally dedicated himself on America’s aerospace, he had been recognized a lot by people. His name was used widely in astronomical field. Several streets were also named after him.

His passion in astronomical field cannot be doubted anymore. Wernher von Braun is truly an inspiration for many people who are interested in aerospace things.

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